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عن التدريب على رأس العمل

The Ministry of Manpower has started a new programme, in consultation and collaboration with, all sectors of Trade and Industry for young Omani Nationals which provides opportunities for their professional training to meet the needs of the various sectors of Business and Industry. This programme has three stages, namely, the Diploma, the Higher Diploma and the Bachelor of Technology Degree.

The student has to achieve a specific level of competence at each stage to enable him to qualify for the next stage. After completion of the theoretical and practical training at each stage specified in the curriculum, the student is required to undergo On-The-Job Training (OJT) for eight weeks at participating private or public sector organizations / establishments to polish and groom the skills learnt and developed by the student.

The OJT system has three main participants, the Student, an OJT Supervisor from the participating organization and the Assessor from the concerned teaching Department of the college.

This online assessment describes the assessment system for evaluating the performance of the student during the OJT and guidelines for the OJT Supervisor and the Assessor.

General Aims Of OJT

الأهداف العامة للتدريب على رأس العمل
  • Demonstrate the broad role and importance of the technician in industry / commerce.
  • Give the student an opportunity to establish an interest in industrial/ commercial activities.
  • Provide a general work experience, so that the student can apply skills previously acquired at the College and acquire new relevant skills.
  • Provide a foundation for and prepare the student for working efficiently and productively in industrial / commercial establishments.

Create a two-way link between the Trade & Industry and the colleges of Ministry of Manpower so that the graduates of the colleges fulfill their needs and requirements

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